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4th Australasian Drafting Conference

3–5 August 2005, Parliament House, Sydney

Drafting Competition

The drafting competition conducted in conjunction with the Conference required entrants to draft the most effective privative clause. Click here for details of the competition.

The competition attracted 12 entries from 7 drafting offices.

The former NSW Parliamentary Counsel, Dennis Murphy, kindly agreed to judge the entries. Dennis provided a written decision, which was read at the Conference Dinner on his behalf by WA Parliamentary Counsel, Greg Calcutt. Click here to read the decision.

Most entrants have give permission to have their entries published on this site, although some have requested to remain anonymous. The names of individual entrants were withheld from the judge so that entries could be judged anonymously. Each entry was given a number and these numbers are listed below, as they are referred to in the judges decision.

The finalists and winners from each category were:

Category 1: Mainstream

  • Finalist and category winner, Glen Gibbs, Tasmania. Number 9.
  • Finalist, Anne Treleaven, OPC. Number 5.

Category 2: Super-effective

  • Finalist, and overall competition winner, Ross Carter, NZ. Number 6.
  • Finalist, Peter Williams, NZ. Number 12.

Category 3: Whimsical

  • Finalist and category winner, George Tanner, NZ. Number 11.
  • Finalist, Anne Michell, SA. Number 8.

Permission has been given for the following entries to be published:

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